Getting Started For D2C On Instagram

Instagram D2C (direct-to-customer) is a relatively new concept. You might want to reap its benefits before competition becomes fierce. Getting started for D2C on Instagram is fairly simple. Plus, it’s effective. Why? Instagram has roughly 1 Billion active users. And, many of them have started buying on the platform. With the inception of Instagram shops, many D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands have already started skipping the middlemen. They use Instagram to build their brand awareness and directly sell to their prospects. So, if you are a D2C brand and don’t want your profits to be cut by the middlemen, this Instagram D2C guide is for you.
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Social Media’s Role in eCommerce

The fact that more than 50% of the world’s population is on social media makes it a goldmine for virtually all types of businesses.

But, just knowing where to find the audience won’t cut it. You need to know how you can effectively target them.

You can not only use social media to build brand awareness, but it can also help you sell anything you want.

And, for a D2C brand, a platform that offers dedicated shops becomes even more important to focus on. Instagram is an ideal platform where D2C brands can sell directly to their audience.

Before diving into the “Getting started for D2C on Instagram” guide, let’s see why you should consider using Instagram for your D2C brand.

Why Instagram D2C (Direct-to-Customer)?

Direct-to-customer brands have one major advantage over other types of businesses. You get to keep all the profit you make with your products.

Instagram has made it convenient for eCommerce brands to sell their products to their audience. It has bridged the gap that has been there between the producer and the end consumer.

Plus, Instagram is based on visual content. You can create eye-catching graphics with your products and communicate your message to your audience effectively.  

Don’t believe us, believe the facts: 90% of the information we receive in our brain is through visuals.

Let’s dive into the tools Instagram offers that D2C businesses can leverage.

Overview of Instagram Shops

For a D2C brand, Instagram shops offer enormous potential. You don’t have to take the audience someplace else; they can buy from you right within the app. The good thing is, you can create an Instagram shop for free. It’s quite simple. Anyone can make one and start selling.

You can market your products on Instagram feeds and stories. After they land on your shop, people can browse your shop, explore products, and checkout in the app. It’s important to mention that Instagram does take its cut from the sales generated through the platform. Use can use the visual appeal Instagram offers by uploading professional images of your products.

Getting Started for D2C on Instagram

Getting started for D2C on Instagram is easier than you would think. If you have ever used Instagram even for personal use, you’d be able to create a business profile and get your business online.

As a D2C brand, there are a few options other than “shops” that you can use to market your products on Instagram.

Instagram reels

An Instagram reel is an effective way to get your brand in front of prospects. Create short, interesting, helpful videos for your target audience and build trust with them.

Get your products in front of them using the power of video. Plus, if you have a satisfied customer, ask them to make a video review. Reviews make your brand appear legitimate and authentic.

Instagram posts

Getting started for D2C on Instagram, you shouldn’t only stick to the Instagram shop.

Instagram posts are an effective way to connect with your audience. Show them what you have got in your store. Tell them your brand story.

Posting regularly can help a lot with brand awareness. Instagram is like a community. Once people start trusting your brand, they will act as ambassadors to your brand.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be quite effective for product promotions we well. They are short, concise, and attractive.

You can showcase your Instagram shop or tell the benefits of your products using the Instagram stories feature.

Freebies or limited-time deals are a great attraction for people. Use them in your stories to attract people to your Instagram D2C shop.

Find Instagram Influencers for Your D2C Brand

The popularity of Instagram influencer marketing is only growing. Influencers are people that a specific group of audience trusts.

You can use that trust to get your products in front of that audience.

The key to a successful Instagram marketing strategy is finding the right influencers. While the audience size is a metric you should look at, it’s not the only thing to consider before choosing an influencer.

The influencer you work with should be related to your industry and have a good engagement rate. You can check their engagement manually by observing each Instagram post.

A great way to market your D2C brand is by offering them a gift in return for a shoutout. This way, you’ll attract the audience of that influencer, getting quick results for your D2C brand.

Instagram D2C Benefits

If you are a D2C brand, selling on Instagram directly to your customer is one of the smartest things you can do.

Let’s see what benefits Instagram offers to D2C brands.

  • Brand awareness
  • No middlemen (more profit)
  • Better communication
  • A better understanding of what customers want
  • Access to customer data can help with targeting relevant people with ads
  • Creating an Instagram shop is free, easy-to-create, and manage
  • Minimum marketing costs
  • Instagram influencer marketing brings quick results
  • Visual content communicates better

Final Thoughts

Getting started for D2C on Instagram is straightforward. You create a business account, build a shop, and start selling.

Instagram offers many more ways to market your brand. You can use reels, stories, and posts effectively to build brand awareness and get your products in front of prospects.

A major benefit of Instagram D2C is that you skip the middleman. You can directly communicate with your customers and prospects, use their data, and expand your brand’s reach.

So, if you are a D2C brand and haven’t utilized Instagram, now would be the time to get started.

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