Some of our clients require discretion and a combination of services to accomplish their goals. One of these clients is in the travel sector and operate a luxury boutique hotel. They wanted to increase sales via their social media channels. The challenge was to increase prospect engagements and revenue over a period of three months for their peak season.

Social Media Campaign For A Luxury Hotel

Peak season can make or break a hotel. Even the best marketing strategies for off peak seasons can’t compensate for a dismal peak season. After consecutive disappointing peak seasons, our client knew they needed to make drastic improvements to how they marketed their hotel for the incoming peak season. There was never any doubt in the mind of our client that their hotel deserved to be successful and could be 100% booked every peak season. The only thing that missing was a social media strategy that could expand their footprint and drive visitors to their website. Once we accomplished that, their great staff did the rest.

Campaign Performance

The luxury hotel Facebook Business Page emerged as its most successful marketing avenue and this peak season was their most successful seasonal promotion ever.
individuals reached with campaign
qualified enquiries in the first month
of full occupancy
0 months

Internal Sales Performance

While we managed a campaign, the internal sales team managed a seamless sales process with the outcomes to prove it.

<1 hour response rate
0 %
prospect interactions
revenue compared to previous period
0 x