Paddy & Nelly Bike

Paddy & Nelly Bike is a premium bike hire experience for the Wild Atlantic Way. With a wide range of bikes and e-bikes available they offer a superior bike rental service. We provide them with a top tier website, cutting edge booking system and ongoing marketing.

Allen Press

The Allen Press needed a website to compliment their sensitive business model. We worked with the team to build an easy to use, customised e-commerce store that suits their business needs.

Integer Executive Search

Integer Executive Search provide boutique recruitment services to the alternative investment industries. We built them a cutting edge website with in built recruitment platform.

Self-Test By HIV Ireland

Self-Test by HIV Ireland is a groundbreaking initiative that allows individuals from across Ireland to become informed about their sexual health.


MPOWER is a a critical programme that helps gbMSM with their sexual health and wellbeing needs. Titan Digital has provided a leap forward for how they deliver services.

Reflection Training

Reflection Training provides bespoke personal and corporate consulting services. Titan Digital worked with Rita & Reflection training to deliver a product that met their specific needs.

Ren Creative Works

Adrian Reynolds is an up and coming Dublin based artist. With a unique flair and style, we provide Adrian with his ecommerce platform and ongoing support.

Susan Weldon Pet Care & Boarding

Susan Weldon provides pet care and boarding services to clients in a home from home environment. Titan Digital provided website design and digital marketing services.

Dear Business Builder

How would you feel if your sales doubled within 3 months even with the same (or less) spending on your marketing?

Imagine skyrocketing profits.. Increasing bonuses… you don’t have to worry about chasing your next customer anymore, while enjoying a predictable stream of leads on autopilot.

We’re commonly known for turning every $1 of advertising into $3 of profits. We know fast-growth and future success are often through digital marketing, and we know how it’s done.

Here’s how we take your business from zero to hundred, FAST:

  1. Lock in time with one among our Digital Growth Specialists. They’ll guide you through a strategy session that audits your digital presence and put together an omnichannel digital marketing strategy (worth 50 pages)
  2. If you like what you hear, we pitch an idea that puts your business goals at the forefront
  3. Ready to take subsequent steps? Our team hits the ground running to realize your goals with digital marketing that works.

Best of all? We provide our strategy sessions for free.
But it’s not for everybody. After working with many business owners, we know a thing or two about what fits or what doesn’t.

Our free strategy sessions are available only for people whom we know we can add value to. In other words, businesses that:

See marketing as a revenue-driver, not a price centre
Can invest enough resources into their marketing (less than $2K monthly budget may be a no)
Want to partner with a compatible business – strong partnerships is how we assist you to get brilliant results

If all the above seems like you, let’s talk.

Chief Consultant
Media Mojo Pte Ltd